Oh, hey! It’s me — Ian!

This is my first EdTech class.  I might even go so far as to admit that it is also my first masters class.  So far, so good–I think Tuesday night got me hooked.

As a  construction teacher, I don’t really integrate much EdTech into my class.  In fact, This is luddite laptop is about as high-tech as things get in the shop… just kidding (also, would someone actually pay that much for that thing?)  I am a believer in the benefits of technology in the classroom and integrate it whenevphoto of hammer wood & nailser possible.  Recently, I’ve been into using google classroom as a component of most of my construction classes.  The construction classes that I teach are often project classes integrated with other courses, like one I taught last year that combined Construction 10, ELA A10 and Foundations of Math 10, so there is ample opportunity for the use of educational technology, especially for keeping students organized.

Photo Credit: adam THEO via Compfight cc
In addition to being the construction teacher at Scott Collegiate, my position also includes being the the school-based facilitator for Following Their Voices, where I work with other teachers to analyze and develop our teaching practice to help increase First Nations, Metis and Inuit student success rates.    I’m always on the lookout for ideas and resources to share with the staff at my school and I think that I might get a few out of this course.

So what  else should I tell you about who I am?  I am a father of a wonderful young lady named Elizah-Jayne.  She’s five,  just finishing up Kindergarten and likes to keep me busy.  But who am I kidding —  I keep myself pretty busy.  I’ve got a second job as a bartender, am a bit of a night owl, am pretty much always working on some renovation in my 100 year old house and I sit on a few different boards and committees.  I like to travel when I’ve got time and money and have lived all over Canada.  My partner’s name is Allison and we recently got a Devon Rex and named him Leonard Nimoy.    Some might consider him to be a cat.

photo of leonard the devon rex

I look forward to connecting with and learning from all of you over the next few weeks.   I’m really excited about this class and I promise I will try not to fill every post with pictures of woodworking and cats.  Please feel free to connect with me on twitter @MrIanTemple


8 thoughts on “Oh, hey! It’s me — Ian!

  1. Great to meet you Ian! Welcome to the masters class journey! I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to learn from Alec and Katia! My husband is also a shop teacher. I’d love to hear more about your combined class. It sounds very interesting!


  2. Nice to meet you Ian! This is also my first Masters class. You seem very busy, which must be a prerequisite for going into your Masters! I am also very busy and people think that it’s crazy to take on yet another commitment. But hey, what is another one or two more tasks on the everlasting to do list? Good luck and look forward to learning with you in this course!


  3. You sound like you have no trouble keeping yourself busy. Your second job makes me tired just thinking about it haha. I’m sure the extra income is always welcome though. If only I got paid for my second full time job or parenting 😉


    • That should have been OF parenting…I don’t have a second full time job on top of teaching and parenting haha. That would be nonsense!


  4. Following Their Voices sounds very interesting. We have about 30% FNIM students at our school – we have been working very hard getting the kids and parents from the local reserve to share ideas on ways to improve the school and the education that the kids receive. We have members on our local SCC and we have a Local Advisory Council that consists of parents – its a safe place to share concerns and ideas. I am very interested in learning more about Following Their Voices.


    • I’d send you a link with some info but there’s not much online about it yet. I think that’s being worked on. The program was modeled after one that has seen a lot of success for Maori students in New Zealand called Te Kotahitanga.


  5. Hey Ian! Looking forward to taking on this Educational Technology journey together, for I am also a first time member. I am also early in my Masters program with this being my second class.


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